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Frozen White

Transit Cab Chassis is Built for Purpose

Available in Single Cab or Double Cab, the Transit Cab Chassis can be customised to suit your needs whatever they are. With a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)1 of 4,490kg and 3.5 Tonne max braked towing capacity2, the Transit Cab Chassis is prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

Sizes That Suit You.

With a chassis frame length of 3,159mm in the Transit Double Cab Chassis and 4,149mm in the Transit Single Cab Chassis, you’ve got flexibility and capability on your side.

Take a Closer Look at Transit

Ford Transit Commercial Vehicles are known for their reliability, loadspace, comfort and efficiency. With next-generation and highly capable diesel engines available with 6-speed automatic transmission and a choice of over 100 paint colours, they’re ready for business. See how it could fit into yours.

Transit Cab Chassis Capability

Transit Cab Chassis Safety
& Driver Assistance Features

Dynamic Stability Control

Designed to help you maintain control in extreme driving conditions. If you deviate from your chosen line, sensors will aim to keep you on track by automatically regulating brakes and engine output.

Trailer Sway Control

When it detects trailer sway, the system is designed to reduce engine torque and apply the brakes to the appropriate wheel(s) to help restore control.

Load Adaptive Control

Intelligent systems are designed to calculate the vehicle’s weight and adjust the Dynamic Stability Control to optimise safety and driving performance.

Six Airbags Standard

All Transit Commercial Vehicles feature airbags positioned at the front, on both sides and at the head to enhance the protection of the driver and front passengers in the event of an accident.

Compare Models

Transit Custom

Standard Features Including:

  • 6-speed automatic transmission available
  • 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine
  • 100+ SVO paints available

Transit Cab Chassis

Standard Features Including:

  • 6-speed automatic transmission available
  • 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine availablev
  • Extensive load space

Transit Cab Chassis

Standard Features Including:

  • 3,159 – 4,149mm chassis frame length
  • 3,500kg max braked towing capacity
  • 2.2L TDCi diesel engine